Wednesday 3 March 2011

Better lattE than never!

As we reported last month [CHECK HERE] Del Dornan and staff members from Starbucks in Bangor were training for an ambitious coffee challenge. The group planned to spend one night at the summit of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, where they would host the highest coffee tasting to be performed in the UK.

Well, we're pleased to report that everything went well - but the ascention wasn't without it's drama. "Basically we made it to the summit. Even though the ferry was late and the car broke down on the way!" said Del Dornan after they returned home.

"Once we hit the snowline the weather turned and we had to spend the night at 3,700 feet in our tent. The following morning we headed to the summit in thick fog, thank goodness for 'Garmins' is all I can say. We reached the very frozen summit and had our coffee before heading down and out of the cold wind which froze the left side of my face."

A big well done to Ryan and Chris as they made their first big mountain experience a difficult one. A thank you to Lorna from Enterprise Rent-a-car in Mallusk for helping them get there and back.

The trip was in aid of the Ulster Cancer Foundation and the Princes Trust and was a real test of spirt as the climbers battled sub zero temperatures, snow and gale force winds.

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