Video & pictures from Sunday 20 June 2010

G-Ride 4x NPS Round 2
at Surfin' Dirt / GASP Ireland, Bryansford, County Down

With the sun splitting the trees and with a backdrop to die for, the 4X race at Surfin' Dirt on the edge of Tollymore Forest was eagerly anticipated by team überdog.

4X, beautiful in its simplicity, involves four bikes at a time ripping up 400 metres of doubles, gaps, drops and berms. First bike past the post takes the prize - simple. The racing was fast and furious throughout the day and everyone had a real blast. Between the races, entertainment came in the form of the dirt surfin' boys who wowed us with gravity-defying jumps, back somersaults and a few dramatic spills.

After the racing was done, the bikes and boards started hitting the biggest of Surfin' Dirt's ramps. Well, you know how it goes... one challenge lead to another and so on... queue the car jumping!

Watch it all via this YoüTube link, but we'd recommend downloading the iPhone quality movie file via the links below. Handlebar-cam strapped to übercamera monkeys Shaggy and Euan Camlin.

RECOMMENDED: Download a iPhone quality movie.
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4X_0616 4X_0685_JimmyMac 4X_0736
4X_0831 4X_0836 4X_0837b
4x_0853_JimmyMac 4X_0869_JimmyMac 4X_0905

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